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In general


The general terms described below will be applicable unless they have been terminated by any other written agreement between the parties. This applies regardless of what the buyer may have written in his order or approval and any special conditions made by the buyer, such as the buyer's general purchasing conditions.

Conclusion of agreement:

The purchase agreement has been concluded when a binding agreement has been entered into between the parties either by signing or confirming order confirmation by email.


All prices are exclusive of VAT and other forms of taxes and fees. Prices that may be mentioned in price lists, ads and the like can be changed immediately and without notice. There are reservations for errors in prices at any time.


All information regarding data, offers and the like is approximate and only binding on, provided written agreement is available. Unless otherwise stated, written offers are valid 1 week from the date of the offer.

Cancellations and changes:

Buyer can not cancel or change an order unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Delivery: reserves the right to divulge and sub-invoice. The delivery date is the time when all the products specified in the order confirmation are delivered. Delay does not entitle the buyer to withdraw the trade unless the purchaser has written in writing at the conclusion of the agreement that it is bound to fulfill the delivery to an exact amount of time.


For orders for shipment, the shipment happens, where otherwise agreed, for the buyer's bill and risk. The shipment is made on the easiest way for Shipping costs are charged separately, with the current amount. If you wish to transport in a particular way, this must be stated in the order. Additional costs for such special shipment are borne by the buyer. transport risk will in any case cease at the time of delivery of the consignment to the carrier. Transport insurance is drawn only on the buyer's instruction and then at his expense. In case of transport damage, the buyer must report the damage to the carrier as soon as possible.


All sales are net cash unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties. If agreed payment terms are exceeded, all outstanding claims will be due immediately. If no cash is paid, but for example. deduction, subscription or the like will exceed the payment deadline or defaulted on the contract will result in the entire outstanding debt or contract value immediately due for payment. If the payment deadline is exceeded, the seller has the right to claim late payment of the due amount and to charge a revocation fee. The interest rate is due 2% per commenced month of the amount due at any time. Row fee for 1st rider is approx. DKK 100, -. Buyer is not entitled to withhold payment or to set off.


If the delivery is defective, the buyer must inform you without delay of within 8 days of receipt of the goods. Otherwise, the right to make applicable matters will be forfeited. See also the warranty terms.

Force majeure:

The following circumstances will exclude from liability if they prevent performance of the agreement or make execution unnecessarily difficult. There is force majeure if is wholly or partly prevented from fulfilling its delivery obligations due to, for example, war, disarmament, civil unrest, natural disasters, strikes, job delays, blockages, lockouts, lack of suppliers of raw materials and / or subcontractors, fire, computer viruses or other destruction of's production equipment and any other extraordinary event that might prevent or limit's normal production and that was not aware of at the time of receipt of the order.'s exception for liability means that immediately informs the buyer of any form of force majeure including cause and time the obstacle is expected to take. If the delay, as a result of force majeure, is expected to last longer than 30 days, both and the buyer have the right to terminate the agreement within three days of the announcement without such termination being considered a breach of the agreement.

Warranty Regulations: is required to correct errors in the delivered product for 12 months after the delivery date, unless otherwise specified in the written agreement between the parties. In case of software development, errors reported to within 30 days of delivery will be corrected without undue delay. Any errors reported to later than 30 days will be directed at the buyer's bill, unless otherwise specified in the written agreement between the parties. Changes to the customer, without's written acceptance, in systems, software, setup or documentation, all warranties shall be terminated with immediate notice. Hardware Warranty is for the individual manufacturer and is irrelevant.

Responsibility:'s liability in case of errors from' page is limited to correcting these errors. can in no case be charged for the buyer's operating loss, lost profit, lost data and their recovery, loss of goodwill and similar indirect or direct loss or damage as a result of defects and defects as well as delays or other deviations associated with deliveries or subsequent additional deliveries. Should purchaser in connection with deliveries incur additional costs as a result of's delay or inadequate delivery, this must be notified in writing to, which will then provide suggestions on how to remedy or minimize the inconvenience. However, the buyer can not make responsible for incurring such additional expenses, unless agreed in writing. 'direct and documented loss and additional costs in connection with the buyer's possible breach of a signed order will be covered by the buyer. assumes no responsibility for the legality of the agreed services, eg. for content on websites, including whether this violates the rights of others / third parties and the like.


Each party and their staff shall observe unconditional silence against unauthorized persons regarding information regarding the relationship of the other party or others as they become acquainted with deliveries, services, etc. related to the cooperation. However, may, in its sales work, use the other party as a reference without further agreement.


Any discrepancy shall be settled definitively and bindingly in accordance with Danish law by the courts in Copenhagen. There is full mutual confidentiality between the parties about discrepancies and disputes.