dinebilleder.dk is a completely modern image laboratory. The laboratory is based on the company Dansk Farvefoto with Knud Kristensen at the forefront. Dansk Colorfoto has been serving amateur-saw as a professional photographer in Denmark since 1983. Ideology has been ready from the start. Dansk Colorfoto would offer the best quality and use the latest technologies. This has brought Dansk Farvefoto from a time when it was a revolution to produce color images of 6 hours, to the new millennium where the majority of photography takes place digitally.

At the beginning of 2007, it was time to think again. An optimal development required large investments and young forces, why Knud chose to close Dansk Colorfoto and let the company's digital specialist Jan Rasmussen take over the company's spirit with focus on quality and service.

Jan has worked through several educational companies as a photographer and photographer and has thus gained broad experience and extensive knowledge of the subject. For the past six years, Jan has been responsible for digital image production in Dansk Farvefoto and has therefore followed the digital revolution closely.

dinebilleder.dk has started in new premises with brand new state-of-the-art machines. In addition to creating stunning quality pictures, they can alsoproduce true black and white images up to 59x80 cm.

At dinebilleder.dk only the best quality and service is good enough. We wish to establish a good relationship with the customer. There is no intermediary between the customer and us. Our force is that we are easy to contact for guidance and help so that we in community get the best results. We stand for personal contact at all stages of the job. The customer must feel that we are there for them and that we know their needs - that is, close contact.